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Сколько зарабатывает САМЫЙ успешный ютьюбер? Интервью с MrBeast — английский на слух

mrbeast intreview урок английского

Разбираем интервью с самым успешным ютьюбером современности MrBeast! Аутентичная разговорная речь, масса полезных слов и выражений, лучший способ прокачать свое аудирование!

Урок: https://youtu.be/hTenIIm3qvc

How Much Money MrBeast Makes | The Full Story

Оригинальное видео: https://youtu.be/yADi4cs4Dhw

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If he can make a three-pointer, I’ll tell you how much I make off YouTube. 

Well, I never thought that this would happen, and no, I’m not talking about being stuck inside of a makeshift jail cell. But instead getting an inside look into the business of one of the most successful creators of all time, Mr. Beast. 96,000, 157 million views. That’s why, when you say like, «Do you set aside money?» 39 days of no video, and you can still do that on a side channel.

From his humble beginnings, Jimmy Donaldson was able to turn his genuine passion for making YouTube videos into a conglomerate of businesses, restaurants, charities, and investments. And today, we’re getting an inside look into Forbes’ highest-paid creator, allowing us to see exactly how he spends his day and his money. Enjoy.

«When is the moment that you realized that you could turn this into a business?»

«Probably when I started making around 20-30,000 dollars a month is when it kind of clicked in my head. I was just like, ‘Wait a minute, if I just had a helper, I could do this two times faster. I could upload twice as much.’ And so then I just brought in a guy to help me move boxes and just help with the simple stuff. And I was like, ‘Oh well, now let me go hire an editor.’ And then I just basically hired someone every month for the last like six years.»

«Yeah, so we have basically cameras for different things. As the videos have gotten crazier, we’ve just built up a giant arsenal of stuff”. 

“How many hours do you work in a day?»

«I would say, since I was 11 years old, almost every waking hour of the day I’m thinking of YouTube in some form or capacity. I feel like it was almost like baked in my DNA, like it just flows in my blood. The innate urge to create videos and to build a YouTube channel and build businesses, it’s just… that’s just what I do. And if I try to take time off, I just get depressed. And I feel like I lose my sanity, but I also feel like I lose my sanity because we’ve cranked the treadmill so much on creating videos. So it’s like weird. But if I’m not creating, then I don’t feel fulfilled. I don’t feel like I’m progressing, then I feel like I’m wasting my time.»

«The problem I’m having right now is I struggle to wind down at night, because I just work and work. And I’ll lay in bed, and I’ll think of ideas, and I’ll think of just like, you know, what we could have done better, how we could edit a video better, or finances or whatever. So I’m trying to like actually find ways to like pull back a little bit and so I sleep a little bit better.»


a three-pointer — трехочковый бросок

make off — зарабатывать
— I’ll tell you, how much I make off YouTube
— After investing in cryptocurrency, she made off like a bandit.

a makeshift jail cell — импровизированная тюремная камера
— The local band performed on a makeshift stage made of wooden pallets.

(come, rise, emerge) from humble beginnings — быть родом из простой семьи

genuine (passion for smth) — неподдельная, искренняя (страсть к чему-л.)

kind of — типа, своего рода

to click (in someone’s head) — “щелкнуть” в голове, т.е. осенить

every waking hour — каждый час бодрствования

the innate urge (to do smth) — внутреннее стремление (что-л. сделать)

sanity — рассудок, нормальное состояние психики
ant. insane — безумный
— I feel I lose my sanity — чувствую, что теряю рассудок

to crank the treadmill so much that… — досл. включить беговую дорожку так сильно, что… = работать на всю катушку

weird — странный, дикий

to wind down (at night) — успокоиться (ночью)

to pull back — отступить, отрешиться (от мыслей), отпустить (проблему)
I try to pull back so I sleep better — я стараюсь отпустить (проблему), чтобы спалось получше

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Разбираемый отрывок (аудио)

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